We are very happy to welcome the talented Daisy Zhou to the MY Management roster. Daisy is a cinematographer and director based in Brooklyn. Growing up between Shanghai and Pennsylvania, the one constant in her life was making art & trying to grapple with the eclectic worlds she was experiencing. Since graduating-she's focused her career on cinematography in the commercial and fashion space. Her 2017 work with Nike's Be True campaign is only the start of her relationship with films on dance, gender and sexuality, and identity. In 2018, she was listed as AdWeek's Top 100 Creatives as one of the Top 15 Film and TV Directors raising the standard for storytelling. She was the only director in Cannes Young Director Award 2018 showcase to have two films shortlisted this year: Janelle Monae on Afrofuturism with Spotify, and Nike's Be True campaign with Leiomy Maldonaldo

Nike “Be True”