The town that Tearfund didn't build

Charity Tearfund puts an uplifting spin on traditional charity appeal tropes with a colourful campaign filmed in Burundi, featuring real members of its community. Directed by Dawit and Cinematography by Shaka Agina. 

Shot in Burundi and casting the town's people actors, the creative opens in the predictable fashion of a charity appeal TVC, with a voiceover explaining to the viewer how donations helped the charity to build this town. 

Breaking the fourth wall, the villagers interrupt the narrator to speak directly to the audience, correcting him that they were, in fact, the ones who built it, evoking the sense of pride and empowerment that the charity's work gives to communities. 

The concept for the campaign was inspired by the organisation’s unique approach to ending poverty, which involves giving communities the skills and tools to build their own infrastructure and change their own lives.