'The Eight'

The Eight - coming soon! Directed by Ahmed Medhat and DoP Tomas Tomasson. 'The Eight' is an action packed eleven episode TV series for the Middle East, written by Turki Alalshikh. 

Nasser, a wealthy business man it seams, is throwing his only daughter, a birthday party.  She is introducing her boyfriend, Adham who is a police detective, to her father for the first time.  The party turns into a nightmare since the birthday girl is shot by a sniper and the villa is blown up.  Nasser disappears, and it looks like he has been killed, but his body can’t be found.  Adham is detriment to find out what happened and revenge for his girlfriends death.  The deeper he gets into the investigation he finds out that her father was connected to illegal activities.  Out of nowhere he gets a phone call from Nasser who has survived the explosion, where he suggested that he and Adham will join forces to punish and bring down the Octet, an international criminal cult that Nasser had been a part of.

Filmed in: Cairo, Lebanon, France, Morocco and Hungary. Featuring actors such as Asser Yassin, Reem Moustafa and Ghada Adel.