Philip Selway 'Picking Up Pieces'

The second in a series of videos by William Williamson for Philip Selway of Radiohead's forthcoming solo album Strange Dance.

It is filmed as a one-shot, with cinematography by Adric Watson, working with colour 16mm film. The video features a spinning camera movement designed to mimic motoric pulse of the track, and takes it’s gorgeous golden brown autumnal colour palette from a painting made by artist Stuart Geddes in response to Selway’s new album. The video Picking Up Pieces features the same quartet of iconic dancers as the video for Check For Signs Of Life

“We all viewed this film as a continuation of the last, with the choreography having echoes of our characters worlds whilst simultaneously unfolding new elements and emotions," says Williamson. 

"I love the idea of creating a synergy between the music and the camera movement. So we not only decided to shoot this as a one take again, but the motorik pulse of the track and the powerful lyrics perfectly lent itself to a predominant circular camera movement."