Biig Piig 'Fun'

The Safdie Brothers meet Blade in Milo Blake's surreal, visceral video for Biig Piig's 'Fun' lensed by Deon van Zyl.

This intense horror-drama begins at full-throttle with Biig Piig playing one half of an outlaw couple, who are deep in an argument after a robbery gone wrong. Then a dark energy engulfs the couple, transforming them into vampiric alter-egos of themselves. Biig Piig, who steals the show in vampire villain mode, meanwhile the surreal aesthetic and horror concept has the wider impact of visualising the idea of toxic love, and how the darker side of our personalities can run riot in the heat of an argument.

It's another intriguing step forward for Milo Blake - this time into a tangibly creepy netherworld - with the help of excellent cinematography by Deon Van Zyl, and a kinetically breathless edit by Lainy Black.