Tobia Sempi AIC

Tobia began filmmaking in Italy at the Scuola d’Arte Cinematografica in Genova. He then discovered his passion for cinematography and enrolled in a Masters program at the London Film School. After spending many years in America, he is now based in the UK. 

Tobia works on various genres such as narrative, commercials and music videos. He has received various honours for his commercials, including the D&AD Award; 2017 Best Daytime Cinematography Award for the short "No Place to Falland Fresh Future Carbon Awards for the commercials “Sea Goddess” and “Spaceship Byton”. 

His key credits include: "One Way, Aventura" (short film); “Mercedes SUV,” “Genesis Stunt” and “HLN Promo” commercials. Tobia has recently been featured in the American Cinematographer's 2021 'Nine that Shine' being recognised as one of their rising stars of cinematography. 

Directors (partial): Andrew Baird, Ian Pons Jewell, Dan Gifford, Marco Gentile, Paul Stone, Paul Street, Ryan Andrews, Oliver Venturini, Justin Dickel, Robert Llauro, Carlos Lopez Estrasda, Jeffery De Chausse, Peter Darley Miller, Rupert Smith, Thibault Debaveye and Tomi Dieguez. 

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