Ravenna Tran

Ravenna Tran is a Chinese-Vietnamese American cinematographer and filmmaker. Ravenna is an artist and comes from a successful career of illustration. Her work is about finding genuine human connections and the beauty in everyday moments. She specializes in imagery that provokes emotional responses to serve any story, with the intention of turning every frame into a painting with compositional and lighting design. Ravenna also shoots her own independent films that are about the lives and stories of LGBTQ+ folks and people of color. There are many themes that surface in her filmwork - love, memories and past lives, human growth and acceptance, and being lost then found. 

Ravenna's Short film "And Then" won the Audience Award for Narrative Short at Outfest, and is the winner of Cinematic Tokyo Competition Best Short Award / Governor of Tokyo Award at the 2021 Short Asia Film Festival & Asia in Tokyo! It was also an official selection of the 44th Asian American International Film Festival in New York!

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