Pete Konczal ASC

Pete was inspired to be a cinematographer after seeing Ingmar Bergman’s Wild Strawberries. He began his career with the prolific short film “Bullet in the Brain” (winner of the Hypnotic Million Dollar Film Festival), and the independent feature drama “Urbania” (Sundance). Shortly after, he ventured into the commercial, music video, and documentary world before returning to narrative and shooting seasons 3 & 4 of “House of Cards”.  Pete’s belief is that the strongest images and best stories are achieved through a simple approach to light, a great care for the lens, and a collaborative team.

Directors (partial): Matt Lambert, Barnaby Roper, Travis Hanour, Joe Wright, Mikon Van Gastel, Grant Singer,  Warren Fischer, Robin Wright, Steve Fuller, Charlie Wan, Ariel Danziger, Greg Brunkalla,  Brian Mah, Loic Maes, Jonathan Lia, Crystal Moselle, Ludwig Ciupka, Sam Stephens, Karen Fischer, Geremy Jasper, Georgie Greville, Ryan Dunn, Maurice Marable , Michelle Dougherty, Karin Fong, Vincent Laforet, Paul Shearer, David Frankel, Jerry O’Flaherty,  Drew Stauffer


Brain Song