Jallo Faber FSF, FNF

Born in 1971 with German-Finnish heritage and growing up in a hippie community, at 16 Jallo took the train to Stockholm to study photography. He ended up spending more time writing poetry, but as the words ran out he decided that the moving image was where he belonged. At the age of 26 he was working as a Cinematagrapher. Focusing on commercials for the first 15 years, Jallo ended the year 2013 by shooting 5 features back to back with ' Gentleman and Gangsters ' by director Mikael Marcimain as the grand finale. The film ' Pioneer ' by director Erik Skjoldbjaerg won the prize ' Best Cinematography ' at Chicago International Film Festival 2013. Jallo has now settled down in Stockholm with his family but travels all over the world and has made a successful career as a DoP.

Directors (Partial): Megaforce, Fredrik Bond, Mikael Marcimain, Andreas Nilsson, Erik Skjoldberg, Tomas Alfredson, Alexander Witt, Sam Mendes, Brian Lee Hughes, Catti Edfeldt, Aiofe McArdle, Stylewar, Neil Harris, Simon Henwood, Brendan Hearne, Lukas Hammar, Tomas Skoging, Nick Jones, Barry Bangs, Sebastian Reed, Happy, Jeroen Mol, Brecht Van Hoenacker, Pekka Hara, Henry Moore Selder, Jakob Dahlström, Jakob Ström, Popcore, Rob Chiu, Henrik Sundgren, Jacob Marky, Jesper Kouthoofd, Oskar Bard, Wilfred Brimo, Acne, Rane Tiukkanen.

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