Carlos Veron

Carlos is an amazing Director of Photography with very gifted eye and unique style. Hard working, extremely creative and truly understands the cinematic language and visual storytelling. 

Originally from Buenos Aires, Carlos has worked on hundreds of projects, from commercials and music videos to shorts and feature films. His narrative work includes films that have played at Palm Springs, Rome, Buenos Aires, and Berlin Film Festivals. 

Based in London

Directors: Ariel Danziger, Hannah Lux Davis, Colin Tilley, Sasha Levinson, Vincent Haycock, Andre Stinger, Nico Kasakoff, Laurent Chanez, Arni Thor Jonsson, Daniel Askill, Jesper Hiro, Paul Minor, Tom Green, Jacob Lincoln, Sam Ahmed, David Parker, Jeremy & Judy, Guy Aroch, Ryan Dunn, James Larese, Elliott Lester, Lloyd Pursall, Dream Job and Samuel Douek. 

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