Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson ‘Bad Dreams‘ – John Perez

Scarlett Johansson and songwriter Pete Yorn have released a new track, ‘Bad Dreams’.
It’s the second track from their upcoming five-song EP, ‘Apart’, which is set to be released on June 1 via Capitol Records. The collection also features Johansson’s take on Yorn’s song ‘Tomorrow’.  ‘Apart’ is the first collaboration between Johansson and Yorn since their 2009 debut, ‘Break Up’, an album inspired by the duets of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot.
Yorn said via press release that if 'Break Up’ was about an unravelling relationship, “Apart is dealing with the aftermath.”
Johansson added: “Being able to revisit this project with Pete in a totally different context but within the same creative parameters is a unique artistic opportunity for me. It is always a pleasure to sing with Pete because I think our voices and stories complement each other.”

Cinematographer – John Perez
Director – Sophie Muller