Marshall Headphones, Alexa - Todd Martin

Experience The Power of Voice Campaign. Marshall Headphones is putting its impeccable rock’n’roll credentials front and centre of a new advertising campaign to promote the launch of two speakers at the centre of Marshall’s partnership with Amazon Alexa. The campaign was created in house by Marshall, with the vital sound element devised by Scramble Soho. In it, a young man opens his front door and says ‘Alexa, play “Easy”’. The focus then switches not to a traditional voice-activated Alexa device but to a speaker that has the unmistakable design of a Marshall amp. Things start to get interesting when the man then says ‘Alexa, turn it up’.

Client: Marshall Creative - Agency: In-house creative team at Marshall Headphones - Production Company: DED - Creative Director: A.M. Sekora - Director: Kevin Castanheira Producers: Harvey Ascott, Mark O'Sullivan - Line Producer: Mikey Levelle - DOP: Todd Martin - Editor: Stephen Dunne, Ten Three