Luke Marzec explains the idea behind his latest single “Will We Ever Carry On”

“A new business manager was brought into the pizzeria I worked at in South East London to make it “big - and quick”. He quickly managed to destroy the atmosphere of respect and camaraderie. It made me sad and angry at how this pained man treated his workers. I left the job after a very explosive, almost violent argument with him - he made me into a person I'm not. “Will We Ever Carry On” emerged out of coming home every day with this weight on me - working out how we deal with the shit in our lives, and if we will just take it or change something. Musically, I was at odd-ends with the track so I shared it with David Dabieh in the studio one day. We ended up just singing and talking freely to each other about the world and everything, about how different we are, about where the world is headed. The poem section is from that”

Cinematography – Aaron Reid
Director – Savannah Setten