“Frontier” short film - premiering at Trieste Film Festival on 19/1!
The commander of a Czech customs unit discovers a group of immigrants in the cargo hold at random. A boy takes advantage of the chaotic intervention and escapes into the darkness of the surrounding forests. As ordered, the group must be detained in improvised conditions and the boy found. His father, however, boycotts the search and the unit becomes aggressive towards the detainees. The commander tries to solve the situation, but gradually gets into internal contradiction whether to follow the order or his own conscience. A night that shakes his faith in the system he represents..
Director: Damián Vondrášek
Screenplay: Damián Vondrášek and Lukas Csicsely
DoP: Filip Marek
Editor: Jakub Podmanicky
Sound: Luka Šuto
Producer: Martina Netikova
Cast: Marian Mitas, Raed Farhat, Viktor Zavadil