Will Humphris

Will is based in London.

He began his career in the film industry as a runner for RSA Films, working with Tony Scott and making sure he had everything he needed... including his Monte Cristo Cigars!! From the very first film shoot that Will worked on he knew he wanted to be a Cameraman. He worked his way up from Camera Trainee to Cinematographer, he was very fortunate to have worked with some of the worlds best - Emmanuel Lubezki on The Children of Men, Robert Elswit on Syriana, Dion Beebe on Nine and Rodrigo Prieto on Alexander to name but a few.

Will has now shot four feature films of his own, along with many commercial, documentaries and music videos.

Directors (Partial):  Sophie Ebrard, Lisle Turner, Fred Rowson, Sikander Goldau, Russell Tickner, Greg Hackett, Jonathan K Harris, Scott Elliott, Jak O’Hare, Carl Addy, John Turner, Leo Woodhead, Adam Clitheroe, Sam Huntley, Susannah Hayes, David Campbell, Will Mann, Tupaq Felber, Russell Appleford, Phil Robson, Guy Soulsby, Dan Williams, Yann Mabile, Christopher Granier-Detterre, Pushpendra Misra, Chiman Rahimi, Andrew Hull, Chrstel Chaudet, Will McGregor, Anthony Dickenson, Owen Trevor, James Gooding, Noah Harris, Cristiana Miranda, Cassiano Prado, Lucas Shannon, James & James, Annad Surapur, Jack Cole, Keith McCarthy, Bauddhayan Mukerji, Blin & Mathe, Karen Cunningham, Ben Hume-Patton, Tomas Leach, Chris Wood, James Griffiths, Chris Hewitt, Charlie Crane, Johnny Green, Agustine Alberdi. 

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Scott and Sid Official Trailer

Scott Elliott & Sid Sadowskyj