Sy Turnbull

Sy Turnbull is an award winning English cinematographer.  His debut feature film Continue directed by Nadine Crocker is set for festival release 2022. Sy’s work on Lucozade Sport “Three Lionesses” won Gold at the British Arrows and Creative Circle plus awards at Campaign Big and Kinsale 2020.  Moses Sumney “Quarrel” earned a nomination for Best Cinematography in the Music Video category at the prestigious Cameraimage Festival 2018.  The project also won a SXSW Film Festival Special Jury Award and was nominated at UKMVA. That same year his Cinematography for Royal Navy “Qualifications” was nominated at the Clio Awards 2018. Lidl “Homecoming” won a ICAD Bronze Bell Advertising Craft 2017 for Cinematography.  Melody Gardot “Preacherman” won best Cinematography at Kinsale Shark Award 2015 & IMVF award for Best DOP 2015.  

Sy’s career in commercials and music videos is extensive, working with top brands such as Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal & Artists such as The Killers, Lana Del Rey, Zayn & FKA Twigs.   

Directors (Partial): Ian Pons Jewell, The Dempsey’s, Barnaby Roper, Roar Uthang, Laurent Chanez, Hannah Lux Davis, Bouha Kazmi, Nadine Crocker, Tom Haines, Ujin Lin, Toby Dye, Zak Razvi, Tim Mattia, Thor Saevarsson, Allie Avital, Henry Mason, Greg Hackett, Terrance Conner’s.

Sy currently resides in both London & Los Angeles. 

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