Marcelo Durst

When Marcelo was 13 years old, his father, a legendary brazilian writer and director and his mother, a famous brazilian actress, gave him a super 8 camera as a Christmas present. This changed his life and he started shooting everything he could see.

“The camera became an extention of my eyes and my hands and opened a window to my passion for Cinema.”

He studied at the film school in the University of São Paulo. Even during his studying, Marcelo started to work in films in Brazil and took part in a movement called “retomada” in the Brazilian Cinema of the 90’s. He won many awards for his films and began shooting features in different countries such as Cuba, US and Portugal. His commercial 'Playstation - Mountain' also won several awards for Best Cinematography which opened Marcelo’s international career and he hasn’t looked back since.

Directors worked with: Frank Budgen, Peter Thwaites, Jim Sheridan, Acne, Carlos Manga to name a few.

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