Deon van Zyl

Deon was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and began his professional career working as a nightlife photographer in Cape Town. His venture into moving pictures coincided with the rise of branded content allowing him to try his hand at multiple disciplines before above all, falling in love with the photographic aspects of filmmaking.

One of his earliest career highlights includes being awarded MTV Africa’s 'Music video of the year' for his work on Riky Rick’s “Nafukwa” in 2015. Deon has since celebrated many awards for his cinematography, including: 'Cinematography’ CICLOPE Africa 2021 (‘Sanlam - CAITLIN’, dir: PAUL WARD). ‘Music Video’ CICLOPE Africa 2021 (‘Who’s It Gonna Be’, dir: PAUL WARD). ‘Low Budget’ CICLOPE Africa 2021 ('THE DREAM THAT REFUSED ME' dir: JABU NADIA NEWMAN). VIMEO Staff Pick, March 2021 (‘Who’s It Gonna Be’, dir PAUL WARD). VIMEO Staff Pick, September 2020 (‘Interlude’, dir TALYA GALASKO). SASC VSA 2019, GOLD (‘La Maison Noir’ Petite Noir). 'Best Cinematography', Moscow Shorts ('BROTHER' dir: IMRAN HAMDULAY)

Directors (partial): Jason Bock (NZ/UK), Valentin Petit (FRA), Mathery (ITA/USA), Nalle Sjöblad (FIN), James F Coton (FRA), Paul Ward (ZA), Basha De Bruijn (NL), Nono Ayuso (ES/UK), Jonas Hegi (UK), Daniel Börjesson (SE), Jonathan Gurvit (AR), Edward Paginton (UK), Jai Moseley (USA), William Armstrong (DK), Amirah Tajdin (UAE), Adriaan Louw (UK/ZA), David East (UK), Matthaus Bussmann (DE), Jabu Nadia Newman (ZA)

OnePlus 'Hasselblad'

Jason Bock