Ashley Barron ACS

Ashley is an international multi award-winning Director of Photography currently based in London & Dublin. Her varied background of growing up between Russia, Ireland and Australia has shaped her unique mix of visual attitudes, perspective and approach. She worked as a camera assistant before being selected as 1 of 28 Cinematographers in the world to train at the American Film Institute Conservatory in Hollywood, the youngest in her class.

Ashley strives to create evocative images that reflect a symbolic understanding of the project. Aligning this approach with the director's vision is her speciality.

Directors she works with: Gregory Ohrel / Giovanni Messner / Henry Dean / Cate Stewart / Aimée-Lee Curran / Alla Volkova / Amanda Hood / Angus Lee Forbes / Ben C. Lucas / Cassie de Colling / Claudia Pickering / Cameron D'Arcy / Drew Heriot / Hannah Ariotti / Henry Dunham / Husein Alicajic / James Breen / Juliet Taylor / Katie Macqueen / Kevin Lim / Kyra Bartley / Laura Manchester / Martha Goddard / Mathilde Nocquet / Matt Handy / Pete Moore / Seth Larney / Simon Harsent / Sinéad McDevitt / Stephen McCallum / Tim Sanger / Toby Pike / Lu Hao Gigi


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