Ahmet Husseyin

Raised in London, Ahmet's passion for film making started from a young age using VHS, Hi8 & old 8mm cameras given to him from relatives who were wedding videographers. After graduating from the University of Westminster with a photography degree, he pursued his true passion for photography through the medium of motion pictures.

Using his photographic knowledge he successfully won an application and 2 year placement through the prestigious skillsets FT2 camera apprenticeship (funded by the likes of the BBC, Ch4 and major motion picture companies).

After his apprenticeship ended Ahmet spent a number of years in camera departments fortunate enough to assist through the ranks from camera trainee to focus puller for many of the greats in cinematography on feature films, commercials & promos.  During this time he has honed the skills and knowledge learnt on set to then go on to shooting his own promos, commercials and films as a cinematographer.

Directors (partial): Vincent Haycock, Georgia Hudson, Henry Hobson, Yoni Lappin, Lyle Lindgren, Paul Coy Allen, Otis Dominique, Oliver Garland, Cassidy Burcher, Gabrielle Olson, Paul Geusebroek, Karen Lamond, Saam Farahmand, Rankin, Luke Carlisle, Virgil Ferragut, Matthew Hoult, CC Wade, Jasper Cable-Alexander, Blake Claridge, Manny Bonett, Walid Ladbri, Broken Antenna, Gundeep Anand, Jelani Pomell, Jordan Rossi.

Music, Trial & Trauma

André Reid