Savannah Setten's video for Ghostpoet, creates a portrait of an ageing nightfly, wearily contemplating his existence, before another evening of fun and games rolls around again.   

It turns out the grizzled hero is still a magnet for the party girls - and also Obaro (Ghostpoet), who makes a cameo - before the old guy's utmost desires are revealed. Wistful and witty, this is a milieu associated with Bukowski and Nick Cave, but it works really well for Ghostpoet's stripped-back, lounge-lizard groove on Woe Is Meee. 

Savannah Setten - "Depicting the darker, emotional response I had to the track led me to build a world around an atypical senior citizen (played by John O'Brien) who at 70, finds himself in a society openly discussing gender neutrality, and chooses to address his deepest most insular struggles around sexuality and persona.”

Cinematography Aaron Reid